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Featured Archives

from October 28, 2006 in Seattle, WA, USA

Listen to George discuss his experiences as a student at Fife High School and of his "special" graduation due to the wartime evacuation, his concentration/internment camp days that prompted him to volunteer for the military, his enlistment in the 442nd RCT, and his training and combat experiences.

from June 30, 2007 in Seattle, WA, USA

Follow the journey of Frank Nishimura's life through picturesque descriptions of places, candid anecdotes of people, and vivid recollections of various events including his volunteering for the 442nd RCT and his time in Italy during the war.

from January, 2008 in Seattle, WA, USA

Hear Kim Muramoto speak of his parents (both of Okayama, Japan), who settled in Bellevue, Washington, his time just before and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he and his family's forced evacuation in May 1942 to their eventual placement at Tulelake Interment Camp, and his experiences in the 442nd RCT in Europe.

from May 23, 2009 in Seattle, WA, USA

Listen to Shig Tanagi, born 1922, share his photos and interesting stories with a packed audience at the NVC Hall, discussing with the crowd his early years growing up in Seattle's Nihonmachi, then going through the WWII years with the military in the Phillipines, Japan, and Korea.

from November 24, 2007 in Seattle, WA, USA

Hear Tosh Okamoto and Frank Matsuda tell their accounts and experiences from their wartime years, and see the photos and histories they showed.

from April 26, 2008 in Seattle, WA, USA

Watch Jimmie Kanaya give his account of pre- and post-WWII experiences, including how his parents immigrated from Okayama, Japan to Oregon in the early 1900s and his tenure in the 442nd as a medic.

from August 5, 2017 in Seattle, WA, USA

Discussion of the significant parallels which can be drawn between the experiences of Muslim Americans today and the experiences of Japanese Americans before, during, and after WWII.